Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In all lines of entertainment, be it movies, tv shows, comic will find 2 kinds of characters.....simple entertaining characters, & characters with character. Those are the ones with sustenance, the ones that get you hooked and keep you coming back for more. Those are the ones you feel you get to know, and want to know, instead of just a one time, "well that was pretty cool..i guess." And its not just heroes that fill that category. 3 of my all time favorites are THANOS, DR.DOOM, and APOCALYPSE! They're not just villains for villains sake...their smart, and you get to love their smartness...almost to the point where you wish they'd win....almost.


  1. thanks rawls...very cool drwgs here. i really like ur icon img for the blog. i've passed on ur msg to reem. i am not sure if we've met through pete or jordan or joe.

    my best regards

  2. doom rules all. BAH! impudient welp, how dare you draft doom's likeness without his permission,and drawing doom with a less than impressive bicep!
    Doom's fury knows no bounds, and you will answer for your doodle crimes.
    Surely you are in cahoots with that baffoon Reed Richards.Once he did a foolish drawing of me in college, and my beloved sue laughed at me. forevermore I wear a mask, CURSE YOU RICHARDS!!!

    Joseph Culp will also pay. No man makes the fool of DOOM!!! That movie was a travesty.

    He will also feel my wrath.

    Google will soon be crushed for bringing forth this filth about DOOM to DOOM's web browser.


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