Wednesday, September 12, 2007

These sketches were done after someone kindly lent me a book of James Christensen's art. Amazing stuff. His painting skills are amazing, but it was his sketches, his crazy ideas and his content that really caught my eye. Very imaginative! and very insightful too.
" Life is tragic comedy. Suppose you hear that someone has been killed when a 30 foot statue of a dancing pig falls over because a gopher has dug up one of it's support wires. It's tragic, but it's also absurd...a kind of cosmic pratfall. " - James Christensen.
His website sucks, and there isn't really any sketchwork on it, but hey, we can't expect everyone to be a web master now can we? There is also a cute little stop-motion film for kids based on his work, Jonah and the Whale.


  1. I had justin's book for like a year! so much fun to look at his work.

  2. great blog you have here. will keep checkin in, great sketches!

  3. Christensen is a local artist here in Utah. His work's all over the place. Kind of obnoxious after a while, really. But very unique indeed. And the aesthetic of his sketches alone are enough to stop a crowd.

  4. Hey, I see you like avatar, so do I, unfortunatly it will take a while before season 3 hits the netherlands...
    Loving your work, especially the robots!


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