Sunday, December 16, 2007

One of the things I love to do, and need to do more often, is my family genealogy. (For both personal and religious reasons.)
I ended up borrowing some family photo albums from my grandma to scan and make copies of. Maaaaan, some of the crazy pictures you find going through old albums...hahah. I only chose to show you these ones...the bottom ones of my grand-parents I simply thought were nice photos. They sure had a good eye...and a good camera I think.
The one up top inspired the sketch. It is of my grandpa's old football team in England. I just couldn't resist. The head shapes alone were hilarious. And the coach looks so evil. it just me, or were people a lot more strange lookin back then? I think its just me...we're pretty strange nowadays too...what d'ya think?


  1. That last seagull photo is so nice. Guess it runs in the blood.

  2. ya those really are some cool shots rawls. Love the charicatures and the all the other stuff that you got going on as well, great stuff as always rawlsy. Oh and congrates on the little one too she's a cutie.

    cheers Jeff:)


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