Thursday, January 10, 2008 start off the New Year, I'm doin a double post!

First of all I wanted to show everyone the amazing adorable toys I got for my little girl at Christmas. They're called Uglydolls. I went to the comic shop just before Christmas, and I just couldn't resist. Are they really for her...or for me?? I think 'both' is a safe answer. Lucky for me, she loved em!

Secondly...I wanted to, and want to more often, share some inspiration with you all. If you have never checked out Tadahiro Uesugi's should. Very beautiful art, with a powerful flare for composition and colour! Stunning stuff indeed.

Heres to the beginning of a great 2008!


  1. Heh heh...super cute. He's all bald like his daddy too. At least last time I saw you, you were freshly shorn.

    Tadahiro is the shit! I went to a workshop of his last year. Did you know he doesn't do any sketches ....full on digital spontaneousness. ARG!!

    You get my email? I want cool newsssssss......

  2. Awesome blog dude, love this Tadahiro stuff!!!

  3. c'est vraiment de bon boulot, bravo !

    est ce que du photoshop ?
    et à quel format bosse tu

    est ce que tu en vends ?

    le capt'bothari


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