Friday, February 22, 2008

The 80s...back when toys weren't all made of neon plastic, cartoons were quality, summer meant time for sports, and when Storm had a mohawk. If you remember those days, this ones for you!
I would've done some electricity, but black ink doesn't really lend itself to lightning! Maybe I should colour these.... someday.


  1. ma-na-ma-na-maaaaaa-ma-na

    name that tune

  2. oh the 80's... good cartoons... great sci-fi's and fantasy cartoons... AWESOME toys...(transformers, duh..) trust me man, i hear ya.

    awesome drawing btw

  3. Jaydog....hmmm..could that beee, the x-men animated show theme song perhaps?!?
    And milky, absolutely, Transformer toys from our day were by far some of the greatest toys ever made. Seriously, metal robots with rubber tires!?! You don't see that anymore!


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