Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lately I've been bombarded by people, young and old alike, who drag around with them their luggage where ever they go. Places like the train station are packed enough as it is already...then they add on to their space by draggin behind them these stinkin little wheeled bags with mile long handles!! Sheesh, this world keeps getting lazier and lazier. Soon we'll have bags that drag us to work because we're too lazy to walk.

On a good note, I came across some amazing artists today. Check em out. Awesome stuff.
Hadi Tabasi
Tyler Scott
Sophie Griotto


  1. haha great sketches dude :D

    You been keeping your eye on the orphan works thing? The Bill is out now...

  2. Hey How are you doing? =D How's everyone in Big Studio?

    I am working at Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa right now. I am doing TV animation stuff. =) hehe I miss you all. I was gonna drop by to show you guys my final film last year.. but I didn't have a chance..

    Maybe next time when I visit Toronto I will drop by and say hello to everyone! =D

    By the way, your work is amazing!!!

  3. Hated the kids in school who lugged around those things on campus. It does beat having back problems. I lugged around a ton bricks on my back for four years.
    The drawing sums it up well. Lazy folk.

  4. Ken - Thanks dude...As for the bill..I didn't know it was out already!! man, that was fast. Lets keep each other informed on what we hear. Thanks man.

    Bora - Hey!! So good to hear from you Bora. I'm glad everything is going well for you. I really loved your film. Definitely stop by the studio when you get a chance, we'd love to see ya!

    Chris - Yea, back problems suck, but I found a really good backpack...I'm thinkin though of just hiring someone else to carry my stuff for me!...or maybe just carrying me! :)

  5. Great blog rawls, I really like the images from the cowboy animated series that you pitched!

    thanks for the link too.

    ohh...and yah, I know Jason Kim, he and I are pals.


  6. Great works rawls.
    thanks for comment.
    thanks for the link too.

  7. Tyler - Thanks a lot man. And no prob for the link, your stuff is great. Say hi to Kimbot for me.

    Hadi - Hey thanks Hadi! Your work is very great! Its always a pleasure for me to share great artists work with others!

  8. Rawls,
    Thanks for stopping in and saying hey! That old lady with the lazy bag is killer. You've also got some great links on here. Take care.


  9. Cools!Expecially I love the little granny^^

  10. great blog man I'm digging the work your making. Sweet style you got going on.


  11. Adam - Thanks to you as well my friend. I really love your art. Great stuff.

    Mirella - Thanks very much Mirella!

    Eric - I'm also diggin your style man...Thanks! Your art reminds me a lot of my friend Jabari. Great illustrations!

  12. i'm stunned! your art is killer. There's a nice feeling about your designs. It's alive and you seem to really have fun with them. They're strong and hold alot of character.

    My favorites are the ones you did for the pitch idea (the western, animated serie). Just some great creative designs and superb linework.

    "right click + save as"


  13. wow...thanks a lot alexandre!! Very kind words...that means a lot to me comin from a recent sheridan grad whos pumped up and full of artistic energy! Your final film looks great.
    Kudos to you!!

  14. Hey Rawls

    How it going old buddy... Nice blog, Your doing some good work these days... Just thought Id send a shout across the blog sphere too ya!

  15. Yo Nobes!!! Long time no see my friend!! I checked out your blog...SICK paintings man!


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