Sunday, April 6, 2008

So, I remember waaay back when I was kind of against Blogs....I'm not really sure why, I just was. Until a few of my good friends { namely: Steve Lambe, James Walsh, Robin Mitchell and Jason Kim } in one way or another persuaded me to get one. And I'm so glad I did.
I've gotten to know soooo many new and highly talented people. What a great way to connect with other people who love this work as much as I do.
For example...This weekend I saw this video link off of a link off of a link from someone who commented on my site. Absolutley beautiful work. I'd actually never seen it before.

Also, from some of the amazing people who comment on my stuff { & you should check thier art out too}, I found a few very talented digital artists. check em out.
Peter Chan
Ben Mauro
J.D. Turley
All in all, I just want to thank my friends for keepin me on track, and much thanks to everyone who keeps on commenting on my work. Its because of you guys and gals that I strive to better myself in the talent that I love, and keep posting as much as I do.

Cheers to you.


  1. I love that video! Thanks for posting it sir!

  2. Hey Mel, good to hear from you dude. No prob for posting the vid... it is pretty awesome isn't it!?!

  3. That vid was cool, great character acting. Im a couple days behind so I gotta give props for the Iron fist pic too. Great work man.
    Your visitors cant always take the credit for visiting your site :D You gotta remember that its your talent that keep us coming back to check it out.

    Keep it up man :D

  4. thanks for the link rawls! that video is amazing!! i cant wait to get to work so i can watch it with sound.

  5. Dan - Aww shucks...thanks man. Thats mighty kind of ya! And its that kindness and support that motivates thanks dude!!

    Walshy - No prob're the man! Dude, do you not have speakers at your home computer? I think I have an extra set at home if you want em?

  6. sounded better than "my girlfriend is sleeping." i've got speakers.. they even glow blue, if loud enough, to the beat of what i am listening to.
    (awe yeaah!)

    i checked out that video today though. AMAZING!

  7. I had a selfish alterior motive......I wanted to see more amazing Rawls art. Heh heh.

    Drop you an email later this week, amigo!


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