Friday, August 1, 2008

Just some random sketches from the last couple of days. Nothing too awesome.
The coloured doodles are from the Nintendo DS. I really like the DS painting. I borrowed one from a friend at work, and now I want to get one to do some portable digital sketching. Its surprisingly fun and pretty easy. The screen is pretty little and there is no undo or levels, but if you want to get better thats the way to go right? There is no control Z in the real world when your painting. Which is why I draw with pen so often.... you make a mistake, you live with it.... which I think, helps you become more confident in your art.


  1. Those animal suits are amazing.

  2. Get a DS, and we can all go out for a quick painting at lunch hour.

  3. Finlay - Thanks should get one. Because of your extreme would have to be a giraffe...or maybe osterich.

    David - YES!! I definetely think that is a good idea...lunch DS painting!

  4. Wild stuff my friend too!!
    thanks very much

  5. agreed my friend, now if i could just find a way to make my paintings look as sweet as the digitals online! *stup&!**... ugh, driving me crazy

    dig the rhino and little round faced dude. looks like he's hiding snacks in those big cheeks (like we all do when we're young).

  6. Insane drawings brother. I love the rhino suit. Classic.

    Joe y ELio

  7. Hadi - Thanks man!!

    Bobby - Glad you like em my friend.

    Peter - hahha yea...I remember those never worked mom always caught me.

    Joe - Thanks very much man!

  8. hahaha those are funny characters!

  9. Ja ja !! cool drawings my friend. i like the faces.
    See you


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