Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sketchbook Dump!

On a sadder note, Artist Carlos Meglia passed away. Carlos was widely known for his creation of 'Cyber-six', which was turned into one of my favorite animated shows.
You can see his blog HERE. He will be missed.


  1. Yay updates! i should do that too.

    always sucks to hear about an artist passing away

  2. I just heard about his passing yesterday. Couldn't believe it. I really dug a lot of his stuff. And I wish I had known about his blog before now.

    Anyway, that batman is supercool.

  3. Francis - Yes...you should!! and yea, it does suck.

    Jake - Yea, it was kind of a shock to lots of us I think. Glad you digg the bats my friend!

  4. I didn't know Carlos, but his art was truly awesome... I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to follow his work.

    As for the dump, seems like everyone has bats and cats on the brain... so odd. Are you learning your woody plants (minus the telephone pole and street light of course)?

  5. Aw, didn't know he had passed... Cybersix was my favourite TV show back when it was on for it's oh so short period of time.

    And rawls, I was looking through your stuff and you HAVE to make a comic book. It would be a waste if you didn't. You've got style. Don't say you haven't thought about it before...

  6. Always enjoyed Cyber Six.
    Sketches are wicked as well. I should do up some Batman at our Drink & Draw tonight :)
    Thats a badass Jaguar too.

    Always a pleasure.

  7. Awesome stuff here Rawls - nice sketches - ill keep checking back!!!!

  8. Peter - Yea, I'm trying to draw more from life lately as I figured I wasn't doing it enough.

    Garrett - I won't say I havn't thought of it before my friend... I'm actually in the process right now!!

    Dan - Thanks man! Glad you dig em!

    Simon - Thanks! Come by anytime.

  9. hey interesting stuff here,
    great sketches. especially like the batmans and plant studies

  10. These pieces are all wonderful. I'm saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Meglia.

  11. great sketches, amazing chetah, the forest project illustration turned out awesome too! really love the paint job on that one.

  12. Peter - Thanks man!

    Eric - Hey man, thanks. yea, me too.

    Scott - Thanks my friend... glad you like em!!!

    Alina - Thanks!!

  13. i didn´t know that.
    ´cross the web, time and space i have the new.
    such a pity, another argie folk less... and one of those that make us proud.


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