Sunday, November 16, 2008

This week is a video posting! A couple of videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first one is HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA. This is the new opening that we did to go with the new music. We did the old opening as well, but I guess with all the hubbub about the new song, they wanted a new open as well. I know most people aren't fans of the new song, and I'm personally indifferent eitherway as I'm not a hockey fan, but people seem to like the new opening, and I guess that's all I care about! I would love to change tons of things about it, but time and budget wouldn't allow. Over all, the team at Bigstudios did a great job at pulling this together.

HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA Open from Rawls on Vimeo.

This second clip is for the new LIVE @ MUCH opening that we just finished for Much Music. This was super fun to work on, as is most MM stuff, as there is tons of creative freedom. They basically came to us with an idea of what they wanted to see and then let us loose. We shot all the footage we needed, and then I went mad animating over most of the people (rotoscope + FX) in Flash. The other guys were busy comping away and making the whole thing looked unified with editing, colour and lighting in After FX. I like how this one turned out and it was tons of fun.... late hours, but fun.

MUCH MUSIC - LIVE@MUCH Opening from Rawls on Vimeo.


  1. Roto man how could not pull your hair out?

    Digging the girl running at the 4 second mark, on LIVE @ MUCH.

    P.S. I'll have some new post soon

  2. cool to see some "real" work from you!
    both look like something that is able to turn day into night while sweating over it.

    and i dont know ANYTHING about hockey but the song seems alright and im sure that hockeyfans get tears in their eyes from seeing that intro =)

  3. Great work mate. That rotoscoping looked cool!

  4. nice work mate, I wouldnt have a clue where to start doing stuff like this! You are defo a multi-talented guy!

  5. Chris - easy...I keep my head shaved! Thanks my friend!

    Andreas - haha thanks man! is that tears of joy or horror!?!?

    Bobby - Thanks my friend!

    Jimmy - Thanks bro!

    Chris - Thanks man, glad you liked it.

    Ken - Thanks! Its really not too hard once you get into it. I find a lot of fun adapting to new artistic situations... "Be like water." ..or something along those lines.

  6. Nice dood, that pin up below is tha tits!

  7. WOW man, superbe stuff!! Realy cool work, you've talent my friend!!!!!

  8. Wow the rotoscoping looked amazing! really the much music one a lot.

  9. you did the new Hockey Night stuff? Cool project!

  10. hey rawls...sweet stuff man - thanks for sharing

  11. and i was wondering why you weren't updating your blog... i just forgot my updated feed list at work. shame on me. Some nice stuff here :]

  12. Dan - Thanks bro.... but I believe you meant to say, " the bomb!"

    Robi - Thanks a lot my friend!

    Scott - Hey man...thanks!

    Marco - haha, yea it was..."fun"

    Simon - No prob my friend, thanks!

    Icha - hahah, no, I'm really not updating!!! Thanks man!

  13. wow, really good, intro... I'm a big hockey fan, and this could make me cry... haha, no very cool, I find that the intro is always the best part, very well done

    -p.s. - added u too my list of inspiration, hope thats ok...

  14. Hey've just been TAGGED! Check out my blog for the rules. Thanks for playing.

  15. great works my friend
    thanks for the comment
    i used photoshop cs3 for:animation test,clean up,color,composite and effect.

  16. Steve - hahah... no crying!! Glad you like it!

    Chris - aww gee... thanks my friend.

    Hadi - Thanks man! Good to know!


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