Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wow... I'm super humbled by all of your awesome comments! You guys are such a good source of motivation for me to keep producing my mediocre work!! So please keep it up!!!
I've been super busy at work lately, as well as gearing up for the Christmas season! I'll be able to show some of the stuff that I've done at work soon, but for now here is a nice little sketch dump.

On a side note... All you JEREMY BOMB fans will be pleased to know that I've found him a home! And I'm sure that you will all be as happy as I am about where he will be living. You can head over to my AGENT ORANGE blog for a hint of his future whereabouts.


  1. Killer Sketches Darren! My favorite is the dude that hearts swords. Hilarious and Great shapes on that guy.

  2. yeah, sword-guy is REALLY good!
    are you experimenting more?

  3. Sigh! Yet more "Mediocre work". Really, these are great. Love the mini Tank.

  4. man you rock super hard. if this is mediocre work then man i can't wait to see your awesomer stuff. but seriously, your really good dude! :D

  5. Impressive work! Definitely not mediocre in any way. Keep it up!

  6. Behold my hunger has been satisfied...

    And oh man, short-stubby-samurai (triple S as I shall call him) deserves an award of some kind. Fantastic work as always! Keep dumpin' sketches! Dump ahoy I say!

  7. Awesome sketches Rawls...keep em coming man!!

  8. This is a great post! all the images are so good! Mr. Bomb is my fave!


  9. Bobby - aaha...hearts swords. Thanks my friend. I got the idea from a childrens book of all places.

    Andreas - Thanks man.. and by experimenting more you mean being more creative... I'm always trying.

    Chris - Hey Chris, thanks a bunch!

    Den - Thanks! I'm always trying to be awesomer!

    Haylee - Thanks my friend!

    Cam - haha, I like him too... I'd like to see a whole army of guys like him.

    Giuseppe - Thanks! As are you my friend!!!

    Simon - Thanks, I shall!

    Geo - Thanks man... yea, everyone seems to love that guy!

  10. wow man!!!
    coooooooooool stuff...

  11. great mqan, are you a great artist, i love you draws, crazy man,
    sorry my bad english
    el polaco

  12. Salam . Khoobi . Vaghean Karat Aliiye . Nemidoonam Che Joori Begam . Age Toonesti Be Manam Ye Sar bezan . Kheili Khosh Hal Misham !

  13. Mr. Bomb is the best thing ever, just awesome.

  14. Loving the second pic in this batch. Nicely done good sir!

  15. Thanks for the comments on my blog, Keep in touch!!!! Take care

  16. I'm so humbled too after see your work!Is terrific!!I want to say the same as another commenter do:Keep in touch and adding keep on posting

  17. oh man the tank dude reminds me of metal slugs, great stuff man!!

  18. Salam (hi).
    you are active man.
    nice works.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am very impressed by your work
    Ya Ali (bye).

  19. Thanks very much guys and gals!!!

  20. Very nice drawings !
    I just saw you demo reel on CGHub, I'm very impressed !
    I put your blog in my links !
    Keep posting ! ;-)

  21. great work man! everyone says there stuff is so-so but we all know that's a lie time to time!

    Keep at it


  22. Hey man! I love the variety of new characters you've designed:D Awesome as always.

  23. yeeeeeeeeeesss

    these are cool too like the other !

    I really like the guy who say : "word"

    he's great !!

  24. Darren, your sketches are so much fun! Love it, great work.


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