Friday, April 3, 2009

I was originally going to save a posting like this for when Agent Orange really got going... but I was prompted to do it now by my friend Kizer Grey. AMAZING artist! He sent me this pick of Orange that he did a few days ago... and it made me want to get him to draw the book for me! So good. I can totally see this animated, can't you?!
And for your information - at the back of every issue of Agent Orange will be 5 - 6 pages dedicated to super awesome guest artists! I really want to do a book not just for myself, but use it in a way to shine light on other talented artists that I look up to and who inspire me. Ranging from students to industry professionals, the plan is to not only show a nice pin up that I'll get them to do for the book, but also provide a little information about them and how to check out more of their stuff.
Basically, to help creatively inspire others with art by those who creatively inspire me...
Creating an inspiring artistic community. Everybody gets inspired and we all move forward.
Here is just a couple of Kizer's work and a link to his CGHUB profile. Enjoy... and thanks Mr. Grey!


  1. Yeah Kizer is incredible! Can't believe he uses a mouse to draw/color.
    Can't wait to see more of Agent Orange!

  2. woa, this guys good! its cool having other people depict your characters huh?

  3. Ninja turtles was my 1st job, great work!

  4. What an honor to see Agent Orange done by the Kizer monster! It sounds great that you're not only highlighting your own work, but others as well. Very interested to be apart of that.

  5. Thanks everyone!!! Yea, Kizer is the man!
    Mr. Forbes - yea, he's crazy... Someone should buy him a Wacom!...or not, because it might change his style!

  6. he nailed the crap out of your character, man

    awesome piece

  7. Awesome! That is great work! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I'm way stocked to see the Orange book as well as the guest artist stuff.

    I dare you to finish it early. Haha.

  8. Thats Cool he did that for ya. I actually sketch out Agent Orange do do a better version at some point as well.
    Ill send it over once it all done as well.
    Good Luck with the book man. There really cool character.

    Im starting my own Book as well.

    All the best.

  9. Yeah thats a killer Orange piece!

    Thats awesome and generous btw you're doing the guest gallery thing, I LOVE seeing those in the backs of books. Cant wait Rawlsy!

  10. Man I'm inspired. This is one of the best post of the year Darren. Makes me want to go out and draw agent orange.

  11. One of the best artists I have seen on Blogger yet.


  12. Thanks for the comments Darren. So your going to be in the April Issue or May?.

  13. Great ideas! And way to reach out to other artists as well...i really dig that. (hint, hint ;-) )

  14. Yeah dude, Kizers work is outstanding! Good on ya for sharing the limelight too. Cheers, buddy! Can't wait to see more Orange, oh and Yellow, that guy cracks me up.

  15. Hey Rawls!
    WWooa! He really does an amazing job!! Gret plans you have for the books! Can't wait to have them!
    Have a great week!

  16. Thanks everyone!!! And I'm just as excited if not more than you guys are! I can't wait to have Orange finally published and to have other great artists show their versions of him. Chris, I'll be in the May issue!

  17. Wow! thanks for sharing! Really inspiring work!

  18. These are way awesome!! Very skilled and talented indeed. I can almost imagine the destruction he can create with a wacom in hand!! Very good idea for the book, i think building community is very important. Cheers my friend.

  19. Wow! They look like stills from a feature film! beautiful!

  20. Your work is amazing!!
    And thanks for your comments in my blogs!

  21. Thanks for you visit and comment in my blog,Rawls!

    Your blog its so amaaaaazing!
    Great work! :D

  22. Yeah great stuff man. I really enjoyed his CGhub profile. The TMNT image steals the shows.

  23. Dang! Those Ninja turtles give me the chills!!!! Amazing!

  24. BTW Mr. Rawlings, your work is out of this world! Absolutely energetic and intriguing! I'm sending my buddies links to your website, very very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Very nice work man! Dig the style.

  26. Thanks very much for the comments everyone! I'll direct most of this praise though over to our talented friend, Kizer!

  27. These are really hot Rawls. Very well designed my friend.

  28. Hey Thanks so much for liking the work Rawls and to everyone else that digs it. When I first saw the character I felt that he was a very original character created by an artist that seemed to have a pretty distinctive cool style. So yeah it was pleasure to draw Agent Orange.

  29. I agree...kizer is quality...and a mouse? i mean come on.

  30. Strong pieces my friend!!!!!!
    Love the way you design you work!!!!!

  31. wow! great! so much movement, light. Great colours!

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