Monday, August 31, 2009

Toronto Fan Expo Photos

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show my love and thanks to everyone who came out to the Toronto Fan Expo and showed their support to The Anthology Project! We had a really great weekend. Saw some old friends, made new ones, and finally made my digital blog world friends into real life ones!
ALSO - Check out this weeks Comic Con themed Rex Bunyan Comic!
The Anthology Crew setting up shop!
Amazing Tron bike!
Fists up for Anthology Project from Storm Shadow and Mystical Wizard guy.
Some nerd geeking out with some movie character.
A female Kuzco.
Chun Li fighting a Storm Trooper.
A blurry Bobby Chiu.
Nice pose Rorschach!
Pew pew!
Team Fortress crew!
Spider man (does he look like a cardboard cut out to anyone else?), a funny Deadpool, furry girl, and Black Bolt.
Why so glum?
A hilariously large Halo guy!
Assasins creed.
An awesome home made portal gun!
Spidey and Black Bolt are diggin the Anthology preview book!!
Mario and Luigi support The Anthology Project!


  1. Haha. Love seein all the costumes.

    The Anthology Project looks fantastic! Is there a way I can pick it up in Vancouver?

    BTW-Do I know you from Sheridan? I graduated from Classical in 03.

  2. look for the expression on the face of the guy with the white key thing around his neck in the HALO and TEAM FORTRESS picture (sitting behind the table).

  3. sweet pics! was great to finally meet you and the gang X)
    hope the show went well for you
    I missed out on Sunday-I heard it was as busy as Saturday?

  4. nice pics!!!
    hey, rawls I added your blog to my blog's favorite artists session, hope you don't mind,
    btw, thanks for your comment! I really appreciated it!

    see ya!

  5. Looks like you had fun dude! I really got to get to one of those expo thingys...

  6. Hey it was nice to finally put a face to all the awesome art on your blog :) I'm really looking forward to the anthology project looks like it's gonna be great.

  7. hahah he does look like a cardboard cut-out

  8. Looks like you had a good time. I take it you came as Darren Rawlings. :)

  9. Chun Li was about to throw optic blasts in that picture. And I went LOL at the halo guy pic and the faces behind him! Thanks for share! :D

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  11. Hey, seems like you had fun. Fabulous costumes in the pictures, by the way. I especially like Mario - very cool.


  12. wish i can be there next year seems you had great fun my friend :-)


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