Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...I couldn't just leave him hangin there now could I?!
Yet another loss and plan foiled for Bully Blacktron. He must feel extremely depressed... if he had feelings that is.


  1. Way to go UltraBot!
    The old telescoping arm-swing-up-and kick-the-head-off trick is a good one to save for emergencies such as this!

    Oh and sweet pick too RAWLS!

  2. oh no...poor Bully Blacktron. He was just a victim of bad programming.

  3. Seems that I've missed a few posts. That's what I get for lazing around at the hospital... that'll teach me.

    Fun stuff Rawls! Your robot (and bug robot) designs always make me laugh. Your Animal Rescue pic is the best.

  4. go go gadget arms!! HIIIIIIYAHHHH!!!

  5. Nice! Love everything about this drawing!


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