Monday, October 5, 2009

Not really an original posting today, but I've always loved Ed-209. I'm not a fan of the movie due to the violence, but the designs and ideas are great. Did anyone else have this toy?


  1. I did not have the toy but I also loved the Ed-209. Between the top heavy design and the stop motion effects I was greatly entertained.

    Love the robot sketches Rawls!

  2. Robo-Rawls! I really wanted that toy too!

  3. Rawl, how can you not love Robocop!? The violence is what took a humble cop story to a completely next level, like Death wish...but with robots!

  4. Thanks you guys!!! ...and Illo Lounge, call me weak but I just don't have a place in my heart for violence to that degree. Explosions and robot battles, Yes! Blood and gore, No.

  5. yes! i love ed209! my brothers and I got the toy.. and accidentally super glued his torso to his legs, so he couldn't rotate! awesome movie- i saw it when i was very, very young- maybe a little too young, but it didn't bother me :)

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