Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Personally, I always have double feelings whenever I see smokers outside having a smoke in the cold rain or snow. My more natural man side is saying, "Ha ha, you slaves... look at you freezing and getting all wet because you have no self control!"... while my more spiritual compassionate side says, "Oh you poor slaves... look at you freezing and getting all wet because you have no self control or awareness of the potential you have." Either way, I wish there was more I could do to open peoples eyes and minds to help them overcome such carnal blindness.


  1. a big round of applause for such a noble cause.
    great sketch and that needs special mention.
    i just quit smoking...6 months back once when my 2.6 yr oldd son picked a packet of cig from my pocket.
    he was playing with it and eventualy kept it in his lips.
    my wife happened to see this and called me over..

    sometimes it takes your 'future' to tell you how to live your 'present'.

    great thought.
    and a huge round of applause.

    thanks for being there at my sketch book darren.

  2. being as I was a smoker of 18 years ( oh man terrible to say out loud ) I remember how awful it was when I moved out here to utah from san diego and standin out in the snow try to get my fix..sad it was

    the last smoke free 8 years have been grand..

    great post as always!!!

  3. Great observation. I cant imagine what it would be like to be a slave to a habit. I have friends whose habits are trying to quit smoking, it must be harder than I think it would be. Great sketch btw!

  4. Wow! Thanks for all the insight and personal life comments my friends! MUCH appreciated!!!

  5. Love your clean and crisp lines dude!

  6. Ahhhh!! I feel the same way, but alas, they have chosen their fate which leaves them outside smoking in the pouring rain and I can't feel to bad in the end. However, great sketch sir. Basically your entire blog is inspiring and reminds me of Isaac Asimov & the 3 laws.

    bang up job. :)

    - Lindsey

  7. There's so much life in your sketches, I've enjoyed this blog immensely.

  8. ...perhaps the best way to get rid of that kind of slavery is to get another one,less dangerous for health like sports,art,music,dance,love, believe in something or someone.


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