Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trying to stay positive amongst stressful times is tough... which is why I'm so grateful for my daughter's ever loving attitude toward life. Children are such perfect examples of positivity and optimism, even in the rain. A constant source of inspiration and motivation for me.
Thanks Lilly.


  1. I totally agree.

    And trying to stay stressful during positive times is also tough, but my kids make that a little easier, too.

  2. Yes kids are the greatest and very inspirational in our lives. Love the drawing.

  3. I agree, children have got the right attitude. I guess we should aspire to keep that attitude where being "mature" and "responsible" isn't needed!

    Once again, great image!

  4. These drawings are fine. Especially
    I love the picture of the woman with the umbrella.

  5. Thanks my friends! I'm glad everyone loves the childrens as much as me!


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