Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Now, I know this one is a little far fetched, but come on... it makes for a great story doesn't it?! I had a few people suggest larger foes, one of them being ol' Galactus here. It just makes me smile to think of a tiny little Hulk pummeling a giant world eater!


  1. From far away the hulk looked like a booger ^_^ but great job - really energetic ^_^

  2. If Hulk keeps punching him like that, he's going to have to eat World Soup for a while.

    I really dig the halftone. It's works really well as texture.

  3. WICKED!! Love the size contrast!!

  4. These are great! I love this one of the Hulk bashing Galactus. My two cents for a battle? Why MODOK of course! We're 100 posts in over at March MODOK Madness and love to see that you've got some madness for Marvel characters too! Really like the work on your blog, Darren.


  5. Thanks everyone!! Glad you all like it! Best comment by far = Lel - "Hulk looked like a booger". Hilarious!


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