Thursday, March 4, 2010

The time has finally arrived everyone!!!

THE ANTHOLOGY PROJECT is available for pre-order!

The book looks beautiful. So head on over to the site and order your copy NOW! -

And you can read more about the book and the artists in an article on CG Hub -

- Rawls.

PS - And if in case you haven't picked up your copy of Popgun Volume 4 yet,
you can just visit your local comic shop or order it here!


  1. Damn looks nice. Hopefully I'll randomly find money in my pockets to buy both these books soooon.

  2. Thanks Francis! I'm sure you'll find some money somewhere!

  3. Right, just ordered my copy! It looked too irresistible not to!

    Can't wait to read it now.


  4. awesome I can't wait to get a copy :)


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