Friday, June 4, 2010

You don't often see a GL who can't go just anywhere he likes. Usually they're air breathing humanoids, but what if one of them was a sea creature who always had to be underwater? He could go anywhere of course, because of his ring. He could create a fine field around himself filled with water. But should he got knocked out in battle, there goes his protective ring of water... and source of air/life. I think it would take a lot to get these GL's out of their natural habitat.


  1. This is great. I mean, I see this guy, and I just absolutely want to know more about him.

    Outside of the water, the limited charge of the ring would have a whole new level of drama too.

  2. Thanks you guys!! Glad you like him!

  3. Man, I'm slacking on checking these out.

    That is an interesting concept. DC should have done a series following individual GLs for a while. This would have been interesting...


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