Thursday, July 1, 2010

A special double posting for you all on this very HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! Have a great one my friends!! Thanks to all those creative Canadians over the years who have invented all the wonderful things that you and I now enjoy today! Keep em comin!


  1. I'm totally digging all these GLs keep em coming!

  2. LOVING the little guy celebrating Canada's birthday ^_^ I don't know how you keep coming up with so many varied and great designs!

  3. Awesome! I dig the Canada Cyclops. You forgot a freeride mountain bike in your Stuff Canadian pile ;)

    As far as the GLs, I really like the orange tripod guy. I like how he's a good guy who looks like a bad guy. You don't often see that.

    And I just noticed the tiny, tiny mouth on the purple cyclops.

  4. These greenlanterns are hilarious! I love the design. A very cool subject you got going on and such cool takes on it.

    Keep it up!


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