Friday, August 20, 2010

Toronto Fan Expo

Hey gang!!!
Just wanted to drop a heads up to all you wonderful folks out there about the upcoming Toronto comic con, Fan Expo!

For those of you who'll be attending, MAKE SURE that you stop by THE ANTHOLOGY PROJECT booth, pick up a book, get it signed, maybe some prints & some goodies and don't forget to give ol' Rawlsy a hug!! .... and/or fist bump... whatever you're more comfortable with!!

Can't wait to see you there!!!! ...and just to wet your whistle, here's a sneak peak at my comic for The Anthology Project -- VOLUME 2!!


  1. Cool! Glad to hear there's a Vol. 2 in the works :D

  2. Nice! You can already get a feel for how these characters would act.

  3. I'll see you there and definitely give you a hu....fist bump.

    Great character designs too!

  4. That's really AWESOME!!
    Too bad I can't attend the event. Have a great time!!

  5. Niiiice! I want more of this please.....


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