Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hey everyone!!
Just wanted to let you all know that THINKMORE STUDIOS is now up and running! Feel free to check out the website and let me know what you think!! ...also, feel free to hire me to do some work or pass it along to others who may need my services!!



  1. Hey Darren!
    I am a huge fan of your work.
    The site looks awesome! I particularly like the Agent Orange comic sketches.
    Best of luck running your business and such. Not that you'll need it!



  2. Site looks good! The demo reel is damn nice, you have and abundance of great work! Good luck with it all!

  3. The site is very nice. Clean, with just the right amount of motion. I did think that the demo reel was a bit long and disjointed, however.

    Your body of work is, of course, spectacular. If I had anything to hire you for, I'd hire you...

  4. Darren,
    Although weve never met face to face, I am proud of you for making the leap. I believe it is in the realm of uncertainty that we can uncover our true potential.

    The new site looks great. I like the minimal flash animation, comprehensive layout, and of course the content is stunning.

    Your gonna make that daughter and wife very proud!

    Cheers dude

  5. Love the site! Excited for you. And I agree with Jesse, this could be a step forward into something you never anticipated. Since I graduated from college, I've been working for myself. I stopped looking for a job when I couldn't find any and started creating my own contract work for various companies and setting up ways to generate passive income in my business. The some of the best advice I ever received was: "smart people start businesses. They never look for jobs". And I never looked back. Good luck to you!

  6. You are so over the top talented it's ridiculous!

    Agent Orange is simply the best (though your video and animation work makes me cry tears of joy)!

    Best wishes with your new venture Darren!

    Still kicking myself for missing you at Toronto Fan Expo.

  7. great site, congrats!
    (found one typo in the section about, sheridan collage should be college I think)

  8. This is so awesome. I love your site. I'll definitely be on the lookout for you and forward anything that might fit your studio. You are unstoppable.

  9. congratulations! Your sight looks amazing. Good luck with getting work, im sure you'll have no problems finding some.

  10. Good Luck with everything Darren!
    You are such a talented artist and your work has always been very inspirational to me.

  11. Thanks for stopping by! Your site is amazing!

  12. Mind-blasting! Awesome work! Good luck on the freelance you won't need it! Cheers!


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