Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So, I was recently invited by the talented Mr. Mike Boldt, to be a part of an amazing project called Tools for Schools Africa. The project is a children's book titled - The ABC's of Northern Ghana, and there is a great group of talented individuals who are all contributing to this wonderful opportunity. My letter was V - for Volta River.
You should definitely Check out the blog as Mike posts some of the fantastic art for the book.
I'll try and post some photos of the book once it's complete!


  1. Muito bom trabalho, meu amigo, parabéns!

    Sorte e sucesso para você!

    Do amigo, Emerson Fialho.

  2. Thanks Rawls, your stuff blew me away, love your vimeo vids.

  3. Hi how long without visiterte rawls, amazing work over here as usual.

    See you mi friend!!!

  4. what a great cause! Love the artwork.

  5. it is a wonderful capture!!!
    great picture!!!


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