Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hey internet friends!
This is my contribution to this months Planet Pulp theme; 'Star Wars'.
Hope you like!! :)


  1. Sweet post man. Could see each one on a tshirt by itself. Brilliant

  2. Fantástico, amigão! As máscaras de STAR WARS ficaram perfeitas!

    Parabéns e muito sucesso!

  3. Beautiful! (as usual)

    However, I feel a slight bit of disappointment...


    Well, in the thumbnail I first noticed the Stormtrooper and the Bike Trooper and thought, just for a second, it was going to be an All-Empire Helmet-Head Fest! Then, I remembered that, unless you count Lord Vader, there are only five different full-face helmets in the Empire.

    1. Stormtrooper
    2. Snowtrooper
    3. Speeder Bike Trooper
    4. Tie Pilot
    5. Big Helmeted Death Star Tube Technician Guy.


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