Monday, August 22, 2011

Ninja Fact Book & Toronto Fan Expo!

Greetings all...

Here is one last little taste of THE LITTLE NINJA FACT BOOK!
This week is Toronto Fan Expo... SO I'D BETTER SEE YOU THERE!!!!
4 AWESOME DAYS OF AWESOMENESS!!! I'll have books, prints and other little goodies!

And after this crazy week of craziness, I will officially open up for commissions!!

A bunch of you have expressed your interest in getting some prints/commissions
from me, so after this week will be the time to do so!!!

I will make an official announcement with prices, info and whatnot as soon as
Toronto comic con is over.


  1. I wish i can come there one day !! Good luck all the best.



  2. Cool! Toronto Comic con is sure a great thing for us comic fanatics. I truly wish I could go there. :( Well look forward for the upcoming post! buy aion accounts

  3. Awesome! Hope we can get it online too!


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