Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Artist Master Class

Many of you know my good friend Bobby Chiu and that he always has something great going on. Well, this here is just another great thing to add to the list!!

Courtesy of Schoolism LIVE, Bobby will be doing demos of how he creates his digital paintings from idea to finished illustration. In the second part of the workshop, he will talk in detail about his personal methods and philosophies for becoming a successful artist in today's industry.

If you're looking to increase your knowledge and know-how, not only about art, but the industry itself and ideas about how to find work, make a name for yourself, etc etc, you should definitely check it out.

The curriculum will be as follows:
Part 1: Artistic Skills: increasing ability, speed, healthy art habits, finding your natural style
Part 2: Setting Up: brush settings, reference, multiple views
Part 3: Visualizing and Effective Sketching: what to see vs. what to draw
Part 4: Fictional Light Sources: lighting, highlights, textures
Part 5: Finishing Touches: soft lighting, detailing
Part 6: Three Principles of Motivation: positive & negative motivation, measuring true success
Part 7: Exposure: creating a strong "brand", building a fanbase
Part 8: Attracting Big Clients: creating demand, closing deals
Part 9: Financial Security: quoting, diversifying, making yourself irreplaceable
Part 10: Questions & Answers

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  1. RAWLS my friend - I went looking for you at FanExpo, and realized I don't even know what you look like. LOL!
    Will we ever meet in person?

  2. Man, that looks delicious... too bad I'm all poor and stuff 'cause that would be money well spent.


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