Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hey everyone!
So, I'm finally moved and settled into my new home, yay! Still unpacking boxes of course, but there you go. Here's another "Little Hero" for ya! I was never a big Punisher fan, as he isn't really a "super" hero, but basically a dude with lots of guns. I thought it fitting to turn this lover of death & weaponry into a smaller and cuter version.


  1. Now things are getting serious... and I hear you about the Punisher... *peh*

  2. Muito legal, Raws!
    Esta série de herois está genial, parabéns!

    Abraço e sucesso.

  3. Dude, these are so brilliant! Hope you guys get into your new rhythm soon-like.

  4. I really dig all these little Marvel characters! Way to go!


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