Friday, May 4, 2012

Find me @ TCAF game

Wow... so, I haven't posted in a long time... so much so that when I came on to do this posting I found that Blogger has changed their layouts for doing posts.  Change is weird.

Soooo, just as a quick update for you all... I apologize for the lack of consistent postings, but business is SUPER busy, I'm finishing up a Graphic Novel for Scholastic!!  (oooohhh, more on that soon)  and we just had our second baby!  YAY!  So yea... no sleep for me.

I promise once things slow down, you'll be seeing LOTS more from me.  More Little Heroes, more sketches, more finished work, more books, more prints, more more more.  So hang in there!

Now for something FUN.... who's going to TCAF tomorrow??  Anyone?
I'll be there wandering around, so lets play a game.......Try and find me!
Why you ask?
If you see me, and say "Hey Rawls!" and introduce yourself - I'll have a special give away for you!!!!  HUZZAH!

So keep an eye out!  And for those who don't know what I look like...
(I'll be wearing this shirt with Beemo on it.)

See you there my friends!


  1. congrats on your baby, cant wait to see more inspirational images soon :D

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