Thursday, September 20, 2012

Batman Designs

Dear neglected blog and all my neglected digital friends...
I greatly apologize for the increased lack of postings over the last few months.  Can you ever forgive me?
I hope so.  Because I really want to start back into regular postings and I hope you'd all be down with that.

Anywho... These are just some random Batman sketches that I did.  Project Rooftop was having people submit their drawings of ol'Bats, which inspired me to do these.  I'm not sure if any of them really work that well.  It's hard to re-invent the wheel, you know.  What say ye?


  1. Rawls!!! your back! the void is filled. I'm digging the top left and middle bottom a lot. ...ninjas don't wear capes after all.

  2. Thanks Cam!! Yea, those are my two favs as well.

  3. Welcome back Mr Rawls, Top left Top right and bottom left are the ones for me. Great designs overall. Have you seen DKR yet? Did you enjoy?

  4. yer badd ass so no need to apologize.

    really dig the bottom middle one. hope all is well my friend

  5. how cool are these!...BAtastic!...:|

  6. awww shucks... thanks you guys!


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