Thursday, December 13, 2012

Web Comics... Anyone still read those?

Hey gang,

So, I just wanted to know if any of you out there still read Web Comics?  And if you DO, I have some questions to ask you:

1 - If you read web comics, which ones and why?
2 - What do you like about web comics?  (speaking of web comics in general, not the specific ones you read from question #1)
3 - Are you really dedicated readers of the ones you follow, or do you just check them out once and a while?
4 - If the web comics you follow were printed, say, as a graphic novel, would you buy it?
5 - Lastly, if I was to make a web comic about my character Agent Orange, with the end goal of printing a book, would you read/support it?

Looking forward to your thoughts and insights!



  1. I read some webcomics, some regularly, some when I remember they exist. Comics that only post a new frame once a week or less are better to forget about and come back to a few months later... things like Gunnerkrigg Court and Realm of Atland. Both xkcd and pennyarcade are in my Google Reader so I flip past them more regularly. I also liked Artifice a lot, but it was a finite story and now it's over. People freak out about Homestuck. It's funny but there is SO MUCH it's overwhelming.

    I love your tiny tiny superheroes :D <3

  2. 1) I read web comics like remind, romantically apocalyptic, xkcd, cyanide & happiness, etc. Though, the list doesn't end there (I read a lot of different ones). They are either aesthetically pleasing or entertaining.

    2) Convenience. I subscribe to the RSS feed and read them on my mobile devices or with Google Reader.

    3) On one hand I would say that I'm dedicated only because of RSS feeds, because without those there's probably only two that I would check regularly. But on the other hand, there are a couple that I do feel genuinely dedicated to regardless of RSS availability.

    4) Although I follow a lot of comics, I'm mainly interested in buying books that are more on the aesthetically pleasing side. A joke gets old pretty quick, but art is timelessly appealing and never gets old. I would never get tired of looking at my favorite artists' work.

    5) I'm bias because, unfortunately, mechanized or mechanical characters (robots/androids/whatever) don't appeal to my personal interests. That's just me of course. But if Agent Orange was the main character then I might have trouble getting into it myself.

  3. I read only a few vibe (the colors are so nice) bravo man (breaks the forth wall very funny) the trenches (very funny and is about video games) I also read naruto but I know I should read that online. I don't know why I like web comics :( sorry not much help there. I have alarm on my phone to remind me to read these comics the day they post (many things in my life is controlled by alarms) I would say yes I'm really into the ones I follow. I don't really buy printed stuff anymore. My collection of comics and art books got out of hand so now I buy everything digital now. I would check out your comic no question but if the book isn't a app I can read on my phone and tablet then that's a no go for me.

  4. I'd read yours! And by publishing online, any readership you do develop should only help book sales, because people will know your character - and you can release the book to conclude a story, so that your readers can't finish the story, at least for a while, without buying the hard copy. I'd like to do this with Can of Worms when I get close to the finale. And plus, making your own comic is loads of fun!

  5. 1 - I read several webcomics including remind,Delia Dirk, cucumber quest, octopus pie, The abominable Charles Christopher, Black is the color, etc. I read them because I really like the artists.
    2 - What I like about webcomics is they're free to read, highly accessible, and widely available.
    3 - Through Google Reader I'm pretty dedicated since I check my reader daily, and certain ones, such as black is the color, and Nimonia, which I couldn't get to work through Reader, I check on a weekly basis.
    4 - It depends webcomic to webcomic. When I buy a comic in general it's usually because I really like the art. I've supported both of Remind's kickstarter campaigns as well as Cucumber Quest, and plan to buy Delia Dirk when it comes out mostly because the art is so great, and in ReMind's case also because I really like what Jason Brubaker's done for the self-publishing/webcomic/ artist community.
    5 - I would definitely read it, and if it was quality, I would buy it, judging from your previous Agent Orange posts I would say it's pretty likely.

  6. 1. I read Darths and Droids regularly because I like the mix of Star Wars and D&D humor.
    I used to read Ansem Retort, XKCD, Cyanide and Happiness, and Gutters regularly until I either caught up with the current comic and forgot about the series after not reading for a few days, or they went on hiatus and I still forgot about them.

    2. I like webcomics because there is a huge diversity of humor styles, as well as interesting serious material. They are not (usually) censored, and if they aren't fresh, they die off when new comics take their niche.

    3. For the first three, yes. The others, just once in a while. I usually just start from the beginning and read until I'm caught up (XKCD and C&H when I was in high school).

    4. Yes. Hardcover.

    5. Probably, if I backtracked and read more of the older stuff to get into it. I actually just checked this out because I couldn't remember why I had this site in my favorites, and glad I did.

  7. All I can say is that I would definitely support and or read it!

    ... you're my hero

  8. 1. Naruto, I like the series. :}

    2. I like a comic with a great story, and awesome characters.

    3. I read each and every new release. :}

    4. Hmmm idk, it would be awesome to be able to subscribe to let's say a Comic Book magazine and have it shipped to you full of different comics. For instance I can subcribe to the magazine and depending on subcription level I can pick up to a certain amount of different comics to have featured in the magazine.

    Or maybe have an entire book filled with the entirety of a comic series.

    5. Very cool character design, I would be interested in reading some. :}

  9. I do read web comics. They are very entertaining. For a Vancouver web designer like me, I really want to relax and read something different from the usual, but I don't want to go to a bookstore and buy it. I want to read them online. That's why I love to read web comics.


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