Thursday, March 27, 2008

If you guys don't know who this is...shame on you. Lobster Johnson is a great nostalgic character created by my all time favorite artist Mike Mignola. A Lobster Johnson movie would be great!


  1. Shame on me...:( Didn't know the character, but its a cool drawing. Goggles and thick leather jackets always work for a cool costume design.
    Good stuff

  2. You really have to be a Hellboy fan to know about Lobster Johnson. I'm not sure if he has had is own title, but I've only seen him referenced in Hellboy comics.

  3. Dan - Its all good. I'm sure not many people know him...but yea, goggles and leather jackets are pretty darn cool.

    Christopher - Yea, he first appeared in Conquerer Worm. But they now have a 5 issue Lobster Johnson Mini series called 'The Iron Prometheus'. Covers and story by Mignola, art by Jason Armstrong.

  4. Love the black and white design!


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