Friday, March 28, 2008

My kind and extremely talented friends Bobby and Kei, have a new book coming out. If you haven't picked up their other should.
They are both very talented and focus a lot on increasing the talents of others....which is a quality I feel, you find in only true artists.

They kindly asked if I would contribute a sketch for the new book....and how could I say no?!?!
I love em...go check out their stuff, buy their books, and take their art classes!

Also, Pascal posted his piece for the book. Check it out as well.


  1. This looks great! Will definately keep my eye open for the book!

  2. Joseph - Thanks dude...Yea definitely grab it when it comes out! You can always order them off of their site.

    Captain B - haha...your comment made me laugh this morning. I wasn't sure how to take it at first...but then I checked your site and you had me as a I'm guessing the lingo in France is much like - "That's Wicked!" or "What a Sick drawing!" ...Thats what I'm goin with anyway!

  3. haha, awesome rawls,,what a great idea! well executed too.

  4. Hey man, this is a really fun, and yet completely terrifying piece. Nicely done and kudos to you.

  5. James - Hey, thanks a lot bro!!

    Thomas - Wow, thanks for commenting on my stuff my friend! You're work is uber inspiring to me.

  6. hahaahah
    That's a NICE one Rawls!!!
    Really cool

  7. great job man!!! really love the water... you've been really keepin' busy on here! amazing as always.

  8. Amazing piece!
    And a Lobster Johnson movie would be great.

  9. Pascal - Thanks man...your piece is mighty cool as well!!

    Scott - Yo, thanks a lot man...I see you've been keepin busy yourself!

    Eric - Thanks Eric...I checked out you're work as well...great stuff. I'm also glad we agree on the Lobster Johnson movie!!!

  10. Hey, Rawls
    (Ok giving my best sales pitch)
    would you be interested in donating some art? We are having our annual art auction in May, all proceeds goes towards helping homeless families in need. If you need more information you can just drop me a line via the blog.

    I've seen your work and I know for sure it will sale, baiscally its going to kill. If you have any old work laying about around the house or some new things that would be great.

    The agency will pay for the shipping and handling and framing.

    If you want to know more about the organization you can go to
    (ignore the design of the site. I have to rebuild the whole thing)
    Now back to your regularly scheduled comments.

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  12. I need to be more up to date. I didn't know about Bobby Chui's book. I guess Now I know and knowing is half the battle


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