Thursday, April 17, 2008

I kinda look at Supes as Americas 'real' super hero....even though he's an alien and not really American. But as cool as he may be, I've always felt somewhat distant from this character. I think its the fact that I can't really relate to him. He's pretty much a god and could take over the world on his own if he wanted to (note: Read Superman: Red Son!).
I think characters like Spider-man are more lovable because you can relate to them...Superman is just above and beyond me. Still...of all super heroes, he is the superest. Thats just me though.


  1. I felt the same way until I read "Superman Birthright" It's a retelling of superman's origins and drawn by Francis Yu. It's rad because it humanizes him more so than other stories. You can get it at any B & N or Borders if you don't have a comic shop by you.

    Sweet drawing of supes to by the way.

  2. Nice!! I knew I could always rely on you Jake for the scoop! Thanks rock!

  3. Yeah, I feel the same. Perhaps if he only had the powers that he had when the comic first started... but then he wouldn't be Superman, would he?

  4. "Superman Birthright" I'll have to check that out.

    Interesting take Feels like he was pulled right out of the 50's. Man are those gloves freaking sweet.

    (Ok diatribe time)
    Yeah big peeve off mine that Superman never seemed more human. I've always wanted to take a KYptonite bullet and shoot him in the foot, pompous hero.

    Bruce Timm's run on the character did humanize him a bit but not significantly. I recall when Dan Turpan was murdered that really it home for the audience and Supes.

  5. Craig - haha...true. Somehow he seemed more, innocent, in the earlier years.

    Chris - Shoot him in the foot...your hilarious!!! I did like Timm's version of him though...especially how he'd have Batman deal with him. I love how Bats treats him like a moron all the time...but I guess he does that with everyone.

  6. I never liked the character very much until the recent run on all star superman. It's amazing and I highly recommend it. Lex Luther is super bad. ~Fin

  7. Superman is still one of my favourite heroes even though he is a little un-relatable. Looking forward to the next movie when it eventually comes out. Great drawing man. I can't believe Captain America is Dead. I loved the water themed drawing as well. The rain one for me was better and more of an interesting approach. Kind of like lateral thinking. Great work Mr Rawls.

  8. Finlay - I still want to borrow All star Superman from you!...or you can just buy it for me for my birthday!!haha

    Wes - Hey dude, thanks a lot! Yea, I hope the next movie is better than that last flop too. They just need an actor that suits the roll and lots of huge action scenes...the last movie...zzzzzzz.

  9. Great pic man. Id like to save this and put some color to it the next time I play in Photoshop...You cool with that? I'll obviously email the final product for ya :)
    People may or may not have liked Kill Bill. I love them, and I love the part in Part 2 when Bill give a little thought to how Superman has to try and be boring Clark Kent. Its kind of a cool flip, making you remember that he is an alien. To me I think its kinda makes it ok that I cant relate fully. I think its interesting that at times he has to consciously try and relate himself to humans as opposed to just being natural instinct. He may have been raised as a human, but his blood line is not watered down, his insticts are still full blooded Kryptonian. (I think I spelled that wrong:P )
    Just some different in site.
    Oh and lastly...Thor is the greatest.

  10. haha...yea..Thor rocks. The new Thor comic is great. As for what you're sayin about Supes, I think your absolutely right Dan. I love the thought that he has to 'try' and act nerdy as Clark...I've just realized lately that Clark is actually his alter ego...he 'is' Superman. I don't think many people think about it like that. Colour away my to see it.


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