Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ok folks...I NEED you to read something...I hope thats ok. I know some of us don't have a lot of time, but it'll take only ten minutes out of your day to get informed.
As artists, you know how uncool it is for someone else to copy your stuff, rip you off, and make money off of your efforts right? Well, now your government wants to do that to you.

You NEED to read this article on AWN written by Mark Simon about something called the ' Orphan Works Legislation'. This effects us directly so look into it. Everybody..not just artist, but all visual creative people will feel the impact of this law if it goes through.
Its all about money people...and they'll stop at nothing to make sure they get it all and you get nothing.

.....And just because I love ya, I'll post some sketches from an Animated series pitch idea I did at work. The original idea comes from my super talented good friend Peter Auld.


  1. Hey man, first off great sketches...I think robot cowboys are probably the greatest things ever.

    I've also been caught up in the Orphaned works controversy and apparently it's causing quite a stir for its inaccuracies.

    Regardless it is definitely something we should all take heed of.

  2. amazing character designs.

    and thanks for spreading the word on orphan works. i just heard about it last week and it doesn't sound pretty.

    keep up the great work.

  3. Dan - Hey man, thanks for the kind words my friend. Thanks a lot for the link as well, your awesome!

    Tom - Thanks very much Tom! Checked out your site too...great work as well man!!

  4. Great stuff Rawls nice to see that you and pete are still working on stuff together just like the good old days :D.
    I read the piece that Mark Simon's did on the Orphan Works Legislation and it does effect every one of us artists if it goes though funny the times that we live in now eh where they try to cut out the middle man in the name of the all mighty dollar.

  5. Yo Jeff!! Thanks dude. Yea, Pete, Jordan and I are joined at the hip...figuratively speaking of course. And yea, your very right..the love of money = the root of all our problems.

  6. dude, thanks for sharing that link. Seriously thanks. Its really important stuff, Ill be watching this issue diligently... and hatching some plans should the worst come to the worst.

    Also - thanks for sharing these drawings! They are all mighty hot mate.

  7. Ken - Hey my man...Thanks to you as well for the nice write up on your site about it. I'm glad you expanded on the topic. Good links too. Thanks a bunch dude!!!

    Lorraine - Thank you very much!

  8. i linked ya on my site, dude...i'll be stayin' in touch!


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