Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I suppose "Doomsday" relates to the last two posts...Superman, and the decisions that people in high positions are making these days. I'm sure glad we have super heroes!


  1. No worries mate! Us bloggers and artists have to stick together and fight "The Man" lol. Well done on bringing this issue to the blogosphere.

    check out this link btw:


    Sweet sketch man. I really wish I could ink like that. I may have to start experimenting!

    Oh and wheres a superhero when you need one eh?

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  3. Ken - Thanks dude. You're very right...power in numbers. Thanks also for all the great links you find. As for inking, a good start is just using ink when you sketch..no pencil. I think I almost went a whole year without touching a pencil. I just love the feeling of making a line count..and if it sucks it stays...no eraser. It really helps your confidence, even if the drawing stinks.

    As for Telefone Voip...I usually delete these junk blog posts...but I just love the language. I'm very glad this post is likeable. So much so that I get a hug! VOIP!!


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