Thursday, April 24, 2008

So I came into work this morning and someone had left a nice gift for me on my desk. Well, actually on mine and my buddy Santosh's desk. A nice humongous crt monitor!! Awesome!! It weighs about a ton and is like 3 feet by 3 feet in size. Bigger is better right?!? Who needs those wimpy little flat screens?!? So we started thinking what do you do with these old clunkers? Strap a pole to em, and start pumping. Now thats recycling!!

Also, MUCH respect and love to the late Ollie Johnson. The last surviving animator of Disney's famed Nine Old Men, passed away April 14. He will be missed indeed.


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  2. Funny. I remember when my boy tried to sell me this Huge CRT for $25. I almost bought but the heat that thing would have put off.
    They make nice snack tables

  3. Oh double post. Almost forgot Thanks for the comment man.

  4. Hey no probs Chris! And yea, if you're too broke to pay your heating bill, just plug one of those suckers in...except I think they use 5x more energy than a flat screen!

  5. Thanks Mike! Visited your site as well...Great designs my friend!!


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