Friday, April 25, 2008

So my boss at work, Colin, went to Sheridan College yesterday for the Animation screening....and he had nothing but words of wonder and amazement for the students work.
It made me proud to be a Sheridonian.
He of course brought back to the studio some demo reels and the yearbook, as well as the Illustration course yearbook. And I can say, absolutely beautiful work kiddies!!! Hats off.
Check out some of their work....sadly I only had time to look at a few...

Alan Cook
Robin Hall
Philip Rodrigues
Vladimir Kooperman

literally, just to name a few. They have links on their blogs to other Sheridan check em out.
Gobelins Animation school also have their student films up for viewing on their site! Great work.


  1. Oh how my mouth waters. I so want to go to Sheridan College. Excellent body of work from students.

    I look forward to the Annecy footage that Gobelins does every year.

  2. I love that kind of stuff!!!!SO cool!!


  3. hey dude, thanks for the positive feed back. I'm glad your boss enjoyed the sheridian films this year.

  4. Chris - Sheridan is awesome man, I encourage anyone to go there. You'd love it. Some really amazing talent comes outta there.

    Alexei - Me too my too. Thanks!

    Philip - Not a problem my talented friend!! You guys did a great job this year. Kudos to you. You've got a beautiful style. Keep up the great work, I'll be keepin an eye on all you guys.

  5. Thanks for the plug!

    I'm really proud of our year - Hopefully you'll get to see all the films this year - there was a lot of stunning work!


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