Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This first pic was the original sketch that I did for Bobby & Kei to go in their new book. With the topic being water world, I think my brain must have said something like, "I know, I'll do something different and make it a world that rains a lot...rain is water right?" But that's not really what the topic was all about.
So after the second version {See below} I decided to do a third version. Bobby and I had a couple of conversations regarding these changes and I can honestly say that he is a great teacher. Perhaps inadvertently, he assisted me in realizing a few things about myself and my art. I told him that even if he didn't mean to teach me something, he did. And that's what makes a teacher great. Someone who always manages to help another reach a higher level of quality.
That...and I'm sure he just wanted the right pic for the book!
So make sure you visit their site and order a copy for yourself. Hope you like it!


  1. wwoouuaaaaww !!!
    superbe le "sous la pluie"
    (under the rain)

  2. mmm! I prefer the very first one! Love the idea!the composition is awesome, and what a cool robot!
    Nice blog! love all your super-heroes art!amazing!!!
    I'll be back!


  3. Captain B - Thanks my friend. I'm glad you like it.

    Alexei - Much thanks dude. Robots are my choice thing to draw. Glad you dig my stuff...come back anytime!

  4. beauties rawls! i love them both.. i liked the pirate mermaid one too. is it for the same book?

  5. Thanks Walshy...yea they were all for the same book, just kept changing the idea. The final one is the underwater robot. Glad you like em!

  6. You have great talent in layout and design. Both illustrations are wonderful and full of storytelling.

  7. Hey, thanks very much Tevik! Glad you like em!

  8. heyyyy..
    nice to see you dropped by man.
    thanks. looking berry mice mindeed!!

  9. Ran/Pillock WildowMay 3, 2008 at 8:12 PM

    Rawls... you know you want to give me that first picture. and i know it too.... yes i do!


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