Friday, April 11, 2008

Two birds with one stone. A quick lunch super sketch just special for Chris...the Blog terrorist! Luke Cage vs Static shock. Who in my opinion, I'm sorry to say Chris, are kinda lame characters...Cage potentially has a cool power I suppose... but either way I aim to please!!


  1. Dude, I come home check my mail i've got a message from Darren. Beold I check your blog and magic. Man i'm about to cry. My terrorist efforts have paid off. Thanks man.
    Now I would agree Static is not a power house character. He really is a landmark character, represnting the urban aspect African American culture in comics during the 90's. It wasn't a complete representation but better than nothing.

    Plus I'm just a fan of Dwayne Macduffie. Love some of the writing he did for the JL cartoon a few yers back
    Now the classic Luke Cage unfortunately is a product of black exploitation, which isn't a bad thing, he just wasn't as well rounded.

    Some of the new things they are doing with Cage, really makes you see the potential in the character. He is the cool guy who is just a little rough around the edges.
    Ok im done rambling now.

    P.S. Dude you have to send me that drawing. I'll pay for it or you can dontate to fund some homeless children.

  2. I only really know Luke Cage, but a face to face battle pic never fails :D
    The below color pics look awesome as well.
    Take care man

  3. Chris - I'm glad you liked it dude...My buddy at work who is the one who chooses the daily character couldn't wait to see your reaction. And I definetly hear you on the JL of my personal favs.

    Ken - Thanks man. I really want to get back into being more dynamic with my art...been feelin a bit stiff lately.

    Dan - Hey thanks Dan. I have to admit, I really only knew Cage at first as well. I remember hearing about static shock back in the day, but not much.


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