Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some inspirations must never go unshared. Marc Craste has been an inspiring artist to me for some time now. I first found out about him through Studio AKA. If you've never checked out their site, and you love animation, you need to go now. Marc's stuff is always been so super creative to me. Sometimes off the wall a little, but always creative and innovative. Varmints is a new book that came out (last October I believe), written by Helen Ward and illustrated by Marc. If you love a good art book, I suggest you buy it. The story is wonderful, price is great, and of course the art is fabulous!
I heard that Marc is currently in production on a new film called Varmints, presumably based on the book. Enjoy.


  1. I did a quick google search of Marc Craste and I must say I'm vomiting my guts out. Not to give tons of praise but the work is that good, that my body is overwhelmed an forced to vomit.

    All jokes aside this Cat needs a blog if not already. I've been a fan as well of Studio AKA, but not knowing it was Studio AKA's work, if that makes sense.

    P.S. Thanks for the comments. Crits are needed. Next its posting on for Crits, just know they'll tear me a new one (lol)

  2. Nice Taxi.
    Can't wait for the book


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