Monday, May 26, 2008

These are 2 different versions of some style frames that I did a while back for a new show call Austin Stevens adventures. Its basically another version of the crocodile hunter thing. My boards didn't end up getting chosen for the final look, but we did get the job! It's not a lot of drawing, but I still had fun doing them.


  1. Interesting to see another aspect aspect of what you do.
    What is the overall proccess when projects come in? Do you prepare a comprehensives and present too client or hand of the comps to a representative of your company to pitch to client. Time wise, whats the general amount of time given to complete a comp?

  2. It can go one of two ways...One way, we can know about a job coming up and pitch some ideas for it..usually competing with two or three other studios for the job. The boards and ideas that the client likes gets chosen obviously. The other way, and the preferred way, is a client comes to you and asks you to do the job. In both cases we prepare style frames like these ones, which usually takes me about two or three days, and a motion test is always good to impress the client too...if there is time. Once I'm done, I pass it off to one of the directors and they, and sometimes the creator as well, will go and pitch the idea to the client. Things can change a lot from this point on, because the client then starts to have more input and the look and feel you intended can take a completely different path...but I suppose its all about pleasing the client right? A GOOD client is one that allows creative freedom...those can be rare.

  3. Yeah, they are rare. Man im turning your blog into a chat room,lol.

    P.S. Thanks for answering


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