Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow...I'm sooo sorry about the lack of postings this past week and a bit. Work has been super crazy and my daughter has a cold... so no sleep for Rawlsy. Hopefully next week things will calm down a bit and I can post a bit more for ya. These are just some quick thumbnails and studys that I did at work for a project that got canned.


  1. love these rawls!!!!! the baords are soo simple but awesome!

  2. Hey thanks Lettie!! You are awesome!

  3. Man I was going through withdrawls not posting.
    Why did they kill it? Curious

    P.S. get it WithdRAWLS, im so clever

  4. are clever. I have to remember that one. A couple of other good ones are RawlsRoyce and SausageRawls. The project got canceled on part of the client. Who knows why..maybe not enough funding.

  5. Do you all have a kill fee? Or do you take payments for stages of completion?

    P.S. Changing my name to Curious George.

  6. we charge a client according to their wants and needs. We`d worked out a deal for the project, but when they backed out it was no biggy...I spent all of 10 minutes on these. If I`d spent all day and did a lot of work though, they`d still get a bill.


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