Friday, May 16, 2008

So I'm switching 'gears' as of late, and drawing things with more of an end goal in mind. Specifically, doing sketches that I can make into an art book!! Yes, you heard it right.
Not that I don't enjoy the daily super sketches...but I can't really make a personal book with those characters. It will mostly be comprised of robots and the thats what I love, (and that's what you'll be seeing more of in the days ahead...wink wink). Perhaps I might colour this one.

Also, if you haven't seen this, check it out.


  1. Oooh, artbook? I'm intrigued! I love that skeletor man, very sweet!

  2. A book huh? hope you dont post all that will be in your book, want something to look forward to. Loving the walking/skating taxi. Almost looks like its ready for war. Gives me an idea of what kind of city it comes from lol, that Wall E is soooo cool!

  3. Dan - Thanks dude!! I`m very glad your intrigued my friend. Great character poses on your recent posting!

    Wes - Don`t worry my will be 90% new stuff...So everyone can look forward to it!!..even me! I`m tryin to step up my game a little.
    And great comment man...someone at work also mentioned how they could almost see what kind of place it resides. A picture is worth a thousand words I suppose!

  4. Sad to see the daily superheroes go but I look forward to the artbook and some new sketches.
    That Taxi is ready to rumble on the mean streets.

  5. Don`t be too sad know I have a soft spot for even though I`m focusing on specific art for the book, I`ll still do a super sketch here and there.

  6. Didn't Inspector Gadgets car do something like that :P
    Looking forward to the new work man, and good luck with the sketch book.

  7. of my animation teachers actually worked on Inspector Gadget!
    Thanks a lot Dan!


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