Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So here is one of society's favorite baddies! I sketched him kinda old and frail, because I figure he's the complete opposite of his nemesis....He-man is brave, big, young and strong...Skeletor should be wimpy, frail, old and weak. He depends more on his magic and minions anyway.

And just for fun I was looking at all the up coming movies that are good to go, or could be a go....and let me tell you...either people don't have any imagination these days to create new stories, or we are just so in love with our nostalgic youth, that we can't get enough of these characters. I do feel though, that the latter can and often does inspire the first a lot of the time.
Upcoming movies:
Streetfighter: legend of Chun Li
Spider-man 4
The first Avenger: Captain America
The Avengers
Green Arrow
Ant man
Jurassic Park 4
Iron man 2
Fraggle Rock
G.I. Joe
Transformers 2
Star Wars: Clone Wars - Looks great...but come on...get a new idea and a new title pleeease!

ok...thats enough.


  1. Good take on Skeletor . Tired of seeing him all beefed up, you take makes a lot of sense.
    Come on Clone Wars! It looks horrible compared to what Gendy did. I wish they would push the Star Wars stories beyond past timelines. Well enough gripping on your blog.

  2. I must whole heartedly agree Chris....Gendy's version of clone wars was by far the best rendition of the movie to date...I like it even more than the actual movies themselves!

  3. hey thanks man, I'm really glad you find my stuff to be inspiring. It's very flattering since your stuff is wicked!

  4. I like your version... makes sense!

  5. Garrett - Yea...funny thing about art...if an artist is humble enough and doesn't let his talents go to his head, he can and does often find inspiration in those he inspires. So, thank you my friend.

    Craig - Thanks man. Sense is good!


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