Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ask and you shall receive. On request I did this quick one at work...(don't tell my boss though).
As for the movie.... its hard for me to express how I feel about it. I've always been a big Iron Man fan, and over all, the movie stays pretty true. Robert Downey is a great Tony Stark, and the effects (ILM of course) are incredible. I also loved the end credits, done by Prologue.
But leaving the movie I felt as if it was lacking something... not sure what though..story maybe.
Great comedy moments as well.


  1. love it love it! u hav a tablet here?

  2. Wow,epic Iron Man piece! Mighty cool drawings and therefor blog :) Thanks a bunch for stopping by mine.

  3. Lettie - Thanks Letster! and yea I can borrow it if you like.

    Andrea - Thanks very much Andrea. And no problem for stopping by, great work!

  4. That is just great!!! Nice piece of Iron Man! :)

  5. Thanks Janine!...beautiful work on your blog as well.

  6. hey man, super sweet drawing! Yeh I enjoyed Iron Man too, but some things bothered me, but hey few films dont haha

    As for the orphan works... I heard the Bill has already passed its first hurdle? Have you heard anything new?

    Great work dude!

  7. Got some sweet flying action in there. :D
    I like the dick Tracy as well.
    Keep it up man. Your blog is one of my faves of my links.

  8. Ken - Thanks man...and I agree..its rare to find a film where I don`t nit pick about somethin.
    As for Orphan..thats the latest I`ve heard too.

    Dan - Thanks dude. I`m really glad you dig my stuff so much...keeps me motivated. Thanks man.

  9. Yes, excellent drawing the masses are pleased.
    Prologue did an excellent job on the end credits.

    Did anyone stay after the all the credits rolled. There is a nice surprise at the end of the rainbow. If you've read The "Ultimates" it will be even sweeter.
    P.S. Yeah Darren I will really hit you up about Sheridan. I have tons of questions

  10. Chris - Thanks my man...and yea...supposedly Iron man 2 is already in the works.
    As for the questions about Sheridan, no prob my friend. You have my email address, so we can converse that way if you like.

  11. Nice one Darren. Loving that pose and the slick smoke coming off those missiles.

  12. Really like the composition, style and texture in this piece! Great work.

  13. Dan - Thanks man!! I find organic things like smoke always fun to draw...but thats probably because I`m lazy and I find it easier than technical stuff.

    Tevik - Hey thanks Tevik! I like your latest post on your blog as well. Nice work!

  14. I really enjoyed the film. Robert D Jr was the biggest suprise. I like him as an actor but wasnt sure I'd like him as Iron man. My one thing with film is the fact that Jeff Bridges character turned mindlessly evil at the end. What was that about???? Great film overall and a great sketch.

  15. Wes - was a bit strange that Jeff B was all cool through the movie then turned out mindless like you said. I dont see him as a bad guy anyway...especially not after Surfs up...which he did great job in.

  16. Nice Dude, I'm loving these heroes and villains. I'm totally geeked out with comics again.

    Robert Downey Jr. was enough for them to take my money. And they can have more of it.

  17. hahah...thanks j. I'm glad your diggin on comics again...just in time to buy mine when it comes out!! (hint drop)
    and yes...they took and will take more of my moneys as well.


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