Tuesday, May 6, 2008

There's just something about old comics that brings that good nostalgic feeling. Even the smell of old comics has a certain something. I was never a huge Dick Tracy fan, but I am a big fan of detectives in trench coats and ties. (Which you will be seeing more from me soon..wink wink...that's called foreshadowing).

Also, we recently hired on some interns from Sheridan, to help us out with some of our animated series pitch ideas. Let me tell you, these guys and girls coming out of school absolutely inspire me. I can't praise their artistic fire enough. It kind of makes me want to go back to school ya know?!?...or just to be a better artist.
Check out their work!..and don't worry, I already got on at them for the lack of postings!
Lettie Lo
Francis Yeh
David Hwang

..and a couple more Sheridan folks that I liked.
Benjamin Huen
Tobias Kwan
Garrett Hanna
Vadim Bazhanov


  1. yay!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the taggg! bloggers unite!

  2. Please tell me you're working on an Iron Man drawing

  3. I think the masses think alike. Iron Man is over due Mr. Rawls.

    I'm hearing so much about Sheridan lately form other folk. Man I have to make it my goal to get in.

  4. Great detective dude! love the simple shape of his pants and shoes!

  5. Lettie - No prob Letster!...Unite power GO!!!

    J dog - uh...yes....I'm doing it...uh, right now?

    Frrrrranciiiis - Update your bloggg!!

    Chris - My friend..you should definitely give it your all to get in there...if you need any advice, feel free to ask me. As for Iron man...I did one a while back, but I do think another is due.

    Victoria - Hey Vic! Thanks very much. I've always loved the graphic feel of the old comics.


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