Sunday, July 20, 2008

First of all..... for all you Avatar fans out there... if you haven't seen the final episodes, all I have to say is..... WOW!! For a while there I was gettin pretty sad about not seeing any new episodes.... but let me tell you.. it was worth the wait!! SO awesome!!!! Can't wait for September to get the DVD set.
Anywho...enough Avatar geeking... Here are some quick Jeremy Bomb sketches.

Story idea - Jeremy comes from a large family. 10 siblings in fact. Jeremy being the last. He was kind of like the unwanted explosion after the very well planned and calculated countdown. Needless to say, his mommy loved him, and while all his siblings went off to do business with their father, Jeremy spent all his time in the bakery with his mom. Eventually Jeremy grows up and has a family of his own, and opens up his own bakery in honour of his mom.
By day, Jeremy runs 'The Bomb Bakery' with his family, and by night he works for the government... basically blowing up bad guys... who ironically turn out to be all of his siblings!
dun dun duuuuuuhn!!!


  1. Oh... a twist!

    This sounds like it could be a video game!!!!

  2. haha...thanks David...a video game eh?!?!

  3. yeah! a cool video game!!!:)
    man...Jeremy have such a nice family!
    I can imagine him in awesome adventures!!!mmm...maybe...oh!

    I would love to work on his game!haha:D


  4. i'm thinking this is more of a graphic novel, the video game would loose the back story and turn jb into a regular mario bro.

    dig the twist on the siblings. a family of government black hats with corruption in the upper echelons. the siblings have been turned by the influence of power and money and in turn have gone bad - jb out to set them straight on at a time. perhaps with global implications?

    lots of fun buddy. i'll be needin' that signed image before this hits the main stream!

  5. It's coming along glad to see more. Ummm maybe an online mini-series? then to dvd set. (sorry just finished reader an article on new-media distribution, bound to be some seepage )
    I loved the Avatar finally. Curious once Ang dies and the next Avatar is born, whats happens to the Avatar after lets say three generations. (or when we get back to AirBenders in the cycle)

    P.S. Just something to chew on Darren.

  6. Alexi - Thanks man..yea I see him being a great husband and dad...really lovable. And blows stuff up.

    Peter - Yea..I also see it more as a comic or what Chris suggests, an Online Comic. We'll see what time allows though.

    Chris - Online comic is definitely a good idea.
    As for Avatar, I see what your sayin about the whole avatar cycle...but you just know there would be at least one more airbender....Ang + Katara = airbending baby.

    Dolan - Thanks dude!

  7. Ah ah! sweet!!! Isn't "Bomb Voyage" part of the family?

  8. That a pretty cool charcter. That bottom pic is (dare I say it)...the Bomb!

    *silence hits as a tumble weed rolls on by*

    Keep em coming man.

  9. Andry - Yea, He probably should be!

    Dan - haha..thanks man. Don't worry, your only the second one to use the joke...I'm sure a comic of this guy would be full of those cliche one liners.


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