Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some more doom designs. I'm gonna try and do a rough online comic about our favorite Hip Hop Villain.


  1. D to the O to the O to the M... what's that spell DOOM DOOM DOOM... alright, i had to get some caps in there somewhere.

    don't forget my boy zemo, could be dooms backup singer (like warren g).

  2. Hey Darren, I tried emailing you through your website but it bounced back. Shoot me an email if you get a chance and let me know the best way to contact you.

    - Ryan

  3. Very cool concept and execution. Looking around you have awesome work man. That bomb guy is pretty cool.

  4. Peter - hahah...I can see him having such a nice voice!

    Ryan - I sent you an email.

    Tobi - !!!

    Adam - Thanks very much my friend! Glad you like!

    Javi - That pretty much explains it!!

  5. yo rawls, i did a little sketch of my boy zemo for ya in his gansta rags, drop me an email and i'll send it to ya.

  6. hey rawls,

    thanks for stop'n by. stay creative. talk to you more soon. have a great weekend.


  7. hey nice stuff.

    I've been trying to email you.

    send me one will ya? I don't know if mine are going through.

  8. i had a great time looking through your work man!

  9. Peter - I sent you an email

    CB - Thanks my man!

    Jay - Thanks bro..I sent you an email!

    Alina - THANKS!!!

    Mike - Glad you like it man. Thanks!

  10. Gotta get some DJ Doom Scratching some turn tables :P Hypnotize the world like that Pinky and the Brain episode. haha

  11. Awe man, those Doom designs are great!!! Love that last one with the spidey hoodie.


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