Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thanks to everyone for all their great comments and ideas!! You guys rock! Its a lot of fun to hear other peoples creative ideas and thoughts. Here are just a couple more Jeremy Bomb doodles I did on the train. I'm starting to get a feel for who he is and what kind of world he lives in. I'm always open to more ideas from you all, and I'll write out my ideas and notes on the next post. I'm not too sure where this is going, but its fun.

PS. If you haven't taken a gander at the Totoro Forest Project yet, I suggest you do. Amazing artists working together for a great cause. Check it out and donate if you can!

PPS. For those of you who may remember my post a while back about Marc Craste's 'Varmints' book, Studio AKA has a trailer for the animated short of said book up on their site.


  1. oooh, more Jeremy Bomb. Keep em coming I'm totally digging him too.

  2. LOL! This comic could be the bomb! I know, I know... I just couldn't help myself.

  3. Loving the wrist lighters. Now he needs a Arch nemesis.
    Thanks for the comments. I'm going to start having you critique all of the Tuesday night drawings.

  4. Jake - Yo Mr.Parker, Thanks my friend!!!

    Craig - hahah...Thanks man!!!

    Chris - I think I've already come up with some...I'll post my ideas next post. As for the critiquing...I'm gonna start charging$$

  5. fantastic, i'm a jb fan already! i'll have to have you send me a copy of the final image with a signature so that my daughter will believe i played some role in the development of the mighty jeremy bomb!

    i like the phosphorus tip gloves. the wider shoulders are fun and the scale of young jeremy to his family :).

    thanks for the comment on my blog broheme!

  6. Nice! I really do like his design. Just something about the flow of those arms makes me warm inside. Can't wait to see more!

  7. I'm liking the idea of bomb and pie together.

  8. Peter - haha..for sure my friend...I could do that! Thanks man.

    Garrett - Thanks dude...yea, you just wanna hug him!

    David - hmmm....That gives me a good idea for the bakery motto....
    "An explosion on your taste buds" !?!?!

    Hadi - Thanks Hadi!!


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